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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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Hello Vickie!

I hope all is well. I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ashley and myself and my boyfriend adopted Delilah last Friday. We own a home in Peabody, Massachusetts and she is our first dog. After taking care of Jeremy's cousins Plott Hound for 6 months, when she went back home we were lost. When we saw Delilah we couldn't resist to give her a loving home. It will be a week on Friday that we have had Delilah at home and she is doing better and better everyday. Since, she didn't respond to the name Delilah we ended up changing her name to Cocoa... although she doesn't respond to this yet either, this will come with time!

The first 2 days she was very nervous she would hide in corners and wasn't very social. However she has opened her shell more and more everyday, she plays with her toys, and loves looking out the window to look outside all day. She will stand next to us in the kitchen and doesn't like it when we shut doors where she can't see us. She's comfortable taking treats from us now, and is doing very well on the leash. She is also very good about telling us when she has to go to the bathroom, and always sleeps right through the night in her bed. She has had a few accidents in the living room the second day she was here, however we think it was her nerves making her stomach upset because she hasn't had an accident since.

We have her on an eating routine, and when we take her out. We take her for a walk every night which she is still apprehensive about when she sees other people or dogs. She is also terrified about going up and down stairs. One minute she will be okay going down but nervous the next, this is something we need to work on as well. She isn't comfortable with going outside alone yet, but we are hoping soon to be able to let her in the yard alone to run around. We haven't exposed her to other dogs yet, because of her nerves but we plan on having her meet our Plott Hound friend this weekend. She is also very nervous when new people (to her) come in the house, this is also something we need to work on with her. We plan on boosting her confidence with other dogs and people, to hopefully with time she will feel comfortable and not nervous. We hope she is happy with our family! I have attached a few pictures of her, I would be more than happy to check in every few weeks with updates if you would like!


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