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Old Fella is a 501(c)(3)
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Old Fella's Rescue Efforts…

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Foster Homes





Foster Homes: 
Our Foster Parents provides a temporary home for dogs and cats as they await the discovery of a forever home.  Fostering can last anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the needs of the animal.

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Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue believes firmly in preventing animal over population.  We strongly support the spaying and neutering of companion animals.  We work with low-cost spay/neuter facilities to provide Burke County residents with low-cost and sometimes FREE spay/neuter surgeries and pre-operative vaccinations.

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Burke is a rural county.  There are not many people that live here.  Therefore, it is very difficult to find these forever homes within the county line.  Because of this, we partner with other rescue organizations located in denser population centers to help us find forever homes for our Old Fella rescues.  These organizations take in our Old Fella’s and adopt them out in New England.

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Old Fella’s Dixie Dog Transport Program

Read About Past Dixie Dogs Transports:

What is a Dixie Dog?  A "Dixie Dog" is any orphan that we have taken in, has passed temperament and health assessments and is scheduled to travel to a new home by way of our partner shelters in New England.

Why to New England? Several Northern states have developed such effective spay and neuter programs, as well as public education on pet stores/puppy mills, leaving the region without excess puppies and dogs.  Prospective adopters frequently spend months on waiting lists for their new family members.

In Georgia, as in much of the south, we have no widespread spay/neuter programs.  Thus the result is an unimaginable amount of orphans left homeless by uncaring and uneducated people who toss them out on the side of the road, or continue to allow them to reproduce.   This leads to a flooded market for rescues.  Adoptions do not always come easy.

How does it work?  Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue partners with shelters in New England in order to send some of our dogs to loving homes where they are wanted.  This transport of over 900 miles and 23 hours is very expensive and time consuming.  However, we feel that by transporting these orphans we will be able to save even more.  For some, it will be the only possibility of the good life they so deserve.

What can you do to help?  Volunteer to be a short term foster parent.  Many of these dogs will spend 1 month in foster preparing for their journey home.  Volunteer to write grants, drive the van, help with training and socializing dogs while they await transport to their new lives.  Donate!  Donate!  Donate! Adoption fees do not cover all costs involved: van rental, gas, food, etc. 

Humane Education Coordinator
Humane Education Coordinator
August 2009 Dixie Dogs Transport


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