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Old Fella is a 501(c)(3)
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Litter Patrol

Litter Patrol

Litter Patrol Puppies

Spay & Neuter…


Why Spay or Neuter?

“TNR” Trap-Neuter-Return

Litter Patrol Application

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Old Fella's Litter Patrol

email info@oldfella.org

How the Program Works.   
Download the application form or email info@oldfella.org to have one mailed to you. Mail the completed application to the address provided. Please complete an application for ALL intact cats and dogs at your home. Once the application is received, you will hear back from an Old Fella volunteer with a clinic location/appointment. If you have any concerns or problems with transportation, please let the Old Fella volunteer know at the time of the initial phone contact. A donation to Old Fella is greatly appreciated for services.

Litter Patrol Puppies

Thank you. 
Old Fella’s ability to provide residents with access to low cost spay-neuter surgeries has been made possible thanks to the generous support of various Foundations and organizations, including:

Two Mauds Foundation

Planter’s Electric

Burke County Commissioners

Georgia Dept. of Agriculture

CSRA Community Foundation

Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black awards the grant to Old Fella volunteer Barry McFeat.
Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black awards the grant to Old Fella volunteer Barry McFeat.

CSRA Life Saver Discount Spaying and Neutering

CSRA Life Saver Discount Spaying and Neutering

CSRA Life Saver Discount Spaying and Neutering
Thank you to Build-A-Bear for its generous support of Old Fella’s Litter Patrol.

Why Spay/Neuter?

We face a tremendous pet overpopulation problem in Burke County.  Based upon national statistics, there are more than 10,000 owned cats and dogs in our county.  But chances are, if you are a resident of Burke County, GA, you saw a stray on your way to work this morning.  That stray was no doubt the offspring of one of those more than 10,000 owned Burke County pets. 

Spay and Neuter for a Happy & Healthy Pet.   Spaying and Neutering removes discomfort, distress and distraction associated with breeding.  On average, spayed and neutered pets live longer, too. 

Spay and Neuter to Prevent Cancer.   When you spay and neuter your pet, you reduce and/or eliminate the chance of cancers such as prostate, testicular, uterine and ovarian cancer.

Spay and Neuter to Prevent Unwanted Litters.  Dogs and cats without owners create   problems.  They get into the trash and get hit by cars.  Cats spray foul odors and dogs pack-up.  Let’s make Burke County a better place for the people and the pets!

Spay and Neuter to Promote Personal Responsibility.  Humans created the cat and dog overpopulation crisis.  Let’s promote personal responsibility to solve the problem by preventing future litters.

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“TNR: Trap-Neuter-Return”

WHAT IS TRAP-NEUTER-RETURN? It is a non-lethal method to reduce the number of stray cats in our community both immediately and for the long-term. Outdoor cats are humanely trapped, vaccinated, and spayed and neutered. They are returned to their original location to live out their lives under the watch of voluntary caregivers who provide food, water, and outdoor shelter.

TNR WORKS! As long as caretakers are diligent to have all cats in an area sterilized, the breeding stops and cat populations are gradually reduced. When cats are removed, more cats will come!! Because cat colonies will reach a stable limit based on what the environment can support, sterilized cats will naturally maintain that level by chasing off new strays.


  • Ends breeding of more unwanted cats
  • Reduces annoying behaviors such as spraying, fighting and yowling.
  • Controls the spread of disease.
  • Controls rodent populations.
  • Deters Raccoons and Possums from inhabiting your property.
  • Stabilizes the number of cats in an area

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Neuter By Computer

Pay For a Spay & Neuter By Computer!

  • DID YOU KNOW?? One unspayed female cat can produce 1 Million offspring in her lifetime?  Female Cats can have 4 litters per year.  If you think it's just the females think again.  A male cat can father hundreds of kittens in a single month!

  • DID YOU KNOW?? One unspayed female dog can produce up to 75 offspring in less than a year.   Females can reproduce at 5 months of age.  Female dogs come in heat twice a year.  By the time she has delivered her second litter, the first litter can be having babies of their own.

  • DID YOU KNOW?? Every year, millions of animals are euthanized in animal shelters, and millions more are abandoned to die on the streets. The good news is that all these deaths can be prevented with spaying and neutering.

Be a P.A.L. and Prevent-A-Litter!


Your gift will….

$75/yr – One time donation to Spay or neuter one animal

$150/yr – Monthly donation of $12.50 to Spay or neuter two animals per year

$300/yr – Quarterly donation of $75 to Spay or neuter four animals per year

$900/year – Monthly donation of $75 to Spay or neuter twelve animals per year

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