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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!

Cosmo / Ollie

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From Dana--Cosmos's Mom:

It Was Meant to Be

On January 2nd, I happened to look at the Atlanta Humane Society web site and there I saw a picture of the most adorable dog. His name was Cosmo (he now goes by Ollie), but the rest of his information was missing from the page. A few minutes later, I went back to his page to take another look and he wasn’t on the site. I started to panic – did this mean he’d been adopted in just those few minutes!? Had I lost my chance?

The following day, a Saturday, I went to the Humane Society determined to bring this little guy home. For several minutes, they searched their records and could not find anything for a dog named Cosmo in the adoptions.

Finally, we found out what had happened. Cosmo wasn’t in the adoptable files b/c he was in the clinic. Turned out he had a little diarrhea. But what’s so amazing is that his picture never should have been posted on the web, and from what we can determine, it was only on the site for a few minutes. But that’s all it took for me to fall in love with him.

Monday morning, he was released from the clinic and I went to meet him for the first time. I adopted him that day.

He has a best friend Jack, and b/c I spend a lot of time at Jack’s daddy’s house, Ollie’s gotten two homes for the price of one. He gets to enjoy a huge back yard with Jack – and a doggie door so he can come and go as he pleases. Plus, we regularly go for hikes and play dates at the dog park. One or two days a week, he goes to doggy day care just so he can make new friends and keep up his social skills.

He’s been a wonderful addition to the family since day 1 and now I can’t imagine life without him. After looking online for a new pup for months, and considering that he never should have been on the web that day I first saw him, I really do think it was meant to be. Now Ollie has a forever home and a forever family – and we’re all as happy as could be.

So thank you so much for taking care of him and seeing him safely to the Humane Society here in Atlanta!

Cosmo's Story

Dear Dana:

First, please let me say that I am thrilled that Ollie, now Cosmo, has found such a wonderful new home and such a caring new Mom. The little guy certainly deserves all the love that is coming his way. I will pass along your email address to my co-worker who had surrendered Ollie to Old Fella. I'm sure she will be in touch with you. It was a hard decision for her family to let him go but, since they could not keep him, they wanted him to have the best possibility of a good life. The woman who brought Cosmo to Old Fella has a good heart...she has rescued several other animals and she rescued Cosmo. Cosmo originally belonged to another woman who was going through a horrific personal crisis and as a result, she lost her home. Not being a "dog person," while her house was in the process of being repossessed, she left the dog in the empty house with no electricity...with the doors and windows locked. When the woman who brought us Cosmo discovered this, she was incensed. Imagine the little fella alone, in his home, without furniture or his human family, wondering what he did to cause this.

When the house was finally taken away, the woman moved the dog to an old, run-down kennel at the back of some property that belonged to a family friend. The woman who brought us Cosmo offered to take the dog off her hands but she said no. Finally, Cosmos's rescuer nagged and shamed the woman into letting her have the dog. He was matted and flea-ridden but his rescuer got him cleaned, clipped and brought him into their loving home. As I remember, the woman told us she had bought the dog from the pet store that was in the Augusta Mall several years ago. I believe she had papers on him...I know he is a pure-breed as she would not have anything else. He is somewhere around 5 years old. Please do send photos of Ollie...we would LOVE to see him!!

Old Fella Volunteer

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