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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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Hello Margie,

My wife and I, have taken Jackson, a 5 month (approx.) old Lab - Chow, into our home, to be a member of our family. He's adapting quite well to his new home, and will begin the daunting chore of housebreaking within the next couple of weeks. He will be having his first vet visit on Thursday.

His story, as printed on the sheet we received from the shelter, was moving and disturbing. It is so sad that people can be so heartless as to treat a helpless puppy in that fashion.

I wonder, however, if you would have any more information that you could relate to us regarding his history. It may prove helpful, as he grows, to know some of what his fears and phobias might be.

I have raised many dogs in my life, but Jackson will be my wife's 2nd dog. Our last dog, Tippy, lived to the ripe old age of 15, and has been in Dog Heaven since the first of the year. We still miss her, and I know she misses us as well.

I have no doubt that Jackson (we've nick named him Jack) will also live a full, happy and long life with us, and provide us with much love and memories.

Thank you for helping to save him, from Maureen, David and Jack.

If you want to see some pictures of him, I have some on Facebook - under BitcoDavid. If you can't access them, let me know. I will be putting some pictures up on a private server, and I can E-mail you the URL.




How wonderful to hear from you. I look every day for e-mail on the pups that I have fostered. Since 10/08 I have fostered 35 pups and all have found forever homes. I have always rescued animals but I got involved with old fella rescue and they have really made it easier to help these deserving creatures of God.

Jackson was my favorite of the sibling group of 5. He is very laid back and sooo very gentle and easy going. He is just one of those great great dogs that we one day remember as a GREAT OLD DOG. He was always a little shy but he bonded with me very well. He loves to romp in the grass and listens very well. However, he is very young and still learning. One thing I can say about him is that he is very very smart. I have no doublt he will prove himself to you and your family. My 17 year old son should be able to get pictures from face book. Please send pictures of jackson so I can forward to all the Old Fella members. It is what makes us smile big and makes us get that warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you again for giving him his forever home. FRIENDS, FOREVER.


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