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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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Hello Tamara,

Jasper is a wonderful family dog. He is settling in for sure. He is now going up and down the stairs (we live in a raised ranch) and he is walking (leashed) a little more and more each day. He is getting used to the neighbors and other dogs in the neighborhood little by little (he barks at them all). I am attaching some pics as Jas plays in our big back yard with my 3 kids and husband.



Jasper is a country boy who never warmed up to the whole leash thing. If I am not mistaken he was found abandoned near a busy hwy prior to coming into my foster home. He is very sweet and loving but definitely has some fears that I am certain he will overcome with positive reinforcement. He luvs treats and praises and is absolutely crazy about fetching. He learned to do this by watching our other babies play.  Thank you for contacting us. We luv to hear how our babies are doing. Feel free to send pics and updates. he takes a little time to warm up and feel comfortable with his surroundings but i am sure he will adjust well....Thank u


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