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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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Hi Jodi, It's Katie, your old puppy. I'm doing just fine, and I found a great new forever home with some nice people who love me. I have lots of new toys, which I am starting to warm up to, and I'm practicing "sit" "down" "come" and "stay." I'm also getting very good at keeping down off the furniture. It's pretty hot here, and my favorite thing to do lately is stretch out on the cool tile floor.

I really like my new place. I have a comfy crate and lots of stuff to do. There aren't any kids or dogs here, but my people like to take me out to meet some and play with them. They also like to play with me all the time. We have a great fenced-in yard so I can run around all I want. I hope someday soon I'll learn to fetch that tennis ball that I keep running away from.

Hope you're doing well!

(and Steph and Chris)
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