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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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Hello Old Fella Rescue,

My husband and I adopted Millie on one of our visits to Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA. We planned to adopt a dog in spring 2010 and occasionally visited the shelter, but I guess it was fate that called us in on August 22. I saw Millie in her kennel crying and when I went over to pet her, she came over, stopped crying and licked my fingers. We took Millie into one of the play rooms and spent a good hour with her. I couldn’t walk away from her; I needed to take her home. And so we did!

Millie and her three brothers were brought to Salem, MA from your rescue only two weeks before. She and her brothers were found in the middle of an intersection in Georgia when they were still very young. One brother was adopted a few days before Millie and lives in the same town as us! We hope to get together with her brother so they can play.

Millie has adapted to our home nicely. She loves her crate and sleeps through the night, and even when we leave the door to it open in the day, she likes to go in there and nap. She loves to cuddle. She is the only dog I have ever seen that likes to be picked up and held like a baby! She would stay there forever if she could.

When we first took Millie home, she was afraid to even leave our kitchen or walk down the deck stairs to go potty. Now she roams from room to room without fear, and she knows where to go when it’s time to go potty. Millie is still a very nervous dog in unknown situations. We try to bring her everywhere to get her used to being outside her comfort zone and have her come along for car rides to show her the car will not hurt her. Walks are also a bit of struggle. While she knows the street well and likes to walk up and down it, it is difficult to get her to turn the corner and continue walking. We take her out every morning and every evening in hopes she will break out of her shell.

Millie has proven to be a very sweet and loyal companion. We love her dearly.

These are a few recent pictures of Millie. The first one is her in our kitchen. When we first brought her home, she was drawn to this corner, so we decided to set her crate up in this corner. The second is of her napping in her crate (don’t mind the weird eyes from the camera flash) and the third is of her cuddling on our bed (she’s the slightest bit spoiled).

Jackie and Mike


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