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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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My name is Nicole, my family and I adopted Schroeder on Friday, May 8th from Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem, MA! Before we tell you a little about how Schroeder is doing we would like to thank you for having a heart as big as yours to take in a litter of stray puppies! You truly are an angel! Without you we would never have the wonderful opportunity to bring Schroeder into our family! Rest assured he is happy and content and adjusting just beautifully!

Our family consists of myself, my husband, 2 sons that are 7 and 9 years old, a 10 year old female Maltese and a 7 year old female cat. We live in Massachusetts just outside of Boston. We are pretty big Red Sox fans so he will definitely be sporting around in some Red Sox bandanas! We live in a house along with my parents so there is always someone home to be with him.  We have a back yard with plenty of room for him and the kids to play. We have lots of family members and friends and they mostly have dogs and they can't wait to meet him!!!! We usually go camping during the summer months in Maine so he will be able to show off his Labrador retriever skills!

I'm sure you already know but he is just the sweetest thing we have ever seen! He loves to play with the boys and he keeps his toys all together in his bed! He is a good sleeper too! He happily goes in his crate at bedtime and sleeps through the night! Although it may have something to do with the boys keeping him going and he has met a few of our friends and their kids so he has been busy and he got tuckered out! He is very friendly and loves all of the kids he's met so far!  We found that he loves to play fetch and a bowl of water doesn't stand a chance when he around! We are just getting to know his rhythms and the potty thing is going to take some time but he is smart and will figure it out soon! Our whole family is so excited to see just how he is going to blossom! My husband drives around a lot for work so he is planning on taking him along a couple days a week because he loves riding in the car! We are attaching some pictures so you can see how well the mange has cleared up! His coat is absolutely beautiful! He really is a good boy! We will send more pictures as time goes on so you can see his progress and maybe take a little pride in knowing that you were his "Angel in Georgia" that saved him and his siblings!!!! Thank you thank you a million times over!!!!

Please don't forget to write back soon to let us know you received our email! We would love to hear more about Schroeder and his siblings!




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