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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!

(formerly known as Skye)

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I just wanted to give you and update on Dixie (Skye) - she was the pointer/lab mix- owner surrender. Dixie is Great! She is a wonderful dog and spoiled rotten. She has kept our poodle Sandy (15) going. Dixie is still very shy when people she does not know come into the house but we are working on that and she is getting better- I just think it is going to take some time. She does not like riding in the car- she still tries to hide but we are working on that as well. She is so loving- I am so glad we brought her into our lives. She had a blast this past summer at the beach- however she did get out in the marsh and cut her foot so she had to wear a lampshade for a couple of weeks until it healed.

Thanks again


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