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Happy Tails: Something to Wag About!!


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My name is Carolyn and I am about to adopt Sweetness...Just wanted you to know that she will be loved and cherished in her forever home...she will have a huge yard to play in and will have lots of children are grown and gone and I am a stay at home with lots of time and lots of love to give to her...I hope you don't mind if I change her name to Callie....if I stood out in my yard and yelled "sweetie" every husband in the neighborhood would come running.....we all's Callie...I have outfitted her with a purple leash and collar, toys, dishes, healthy food and healthy treats as well as a big crate to help her with all the "puppy" stuff...she starts obedience school Oct 30....whew...we pick her up tomorrow and are just so excited...I went to Buddy dog with the intention of getting a 1-2 year old MALE, but fell hook line and sinker for this little ball of fur....we have many walks to be had and many trails to explore....thank you for finding and caring for her...if there is anything I should know about her, please tell me so that I can be aware of anything she may or may not like (besides the tail pulling)..thank you again....Carolyn


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